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3.5 stars

You might think a story based on a society of clones would be boring, that is not the case. On the outside they are all the same, on the inside they are all different. Even if they don’t want to admit it.

This was an entertaining, creative and engaging story.

This was completely different from anything I have listened to recently. A society cloning themselves to survive. Not clones of multiple people. Clones based on one person. Everyone looks the same and acts the same. In public at least. Anything considered not a perfect copy is killed.

The grass is always greener on the other side until your actually standing on it. Twain is about to find this out.

Twain wants is to be part of the Clan. Twain is different, a mutation. If he is discovered it will mean his death. His sponsor Twigg has kept him hidden away from the rest of the Clan. He has raised him in secret for 17 years. Curiosity and longing to be with the Clan cause Twain to make a simple mistake, one which is about to change his life forever.

Not everything is as unified and perfect as the leaders/sponsors would have them believe. There is no perfect society. No matter how perfect things may appear in public there is no way to stop individual traits from forming in the clones. Some may be able to hide it better than others but the differences are there. Even though they all look the same, not even the leaders are telling the truth, there are deviance’s within the Clan. Deviance’s they are willing to ignore for their own benefit.

These are not the only things that are being hidden from the Clan by the leaders. There is a reason other than survival that they are being cloned. They are a sacrifice.

Jeff Hays once again does a fantastic job with the narration. Nice voice easy to listen to for long periods of time. Clearly spoken with a smooth even pace. Even though this is a society based on clones, each individual Clan has a distinct voice. You can always tell which character is speaking, through his tone, inflection, cadence or character voice. I don’t think many narrators would have been able to pull this off. He was the perfect narrator for the story. The sound effects just added to the overall enjoyment of the story.

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