We don’t need to start by saying how much we love anything and everything but NR Walker, and the Cronin’s Key series is right up there. But, there is something that Joel Leslie creates, that brings this fantastic book to life. One of the best audio narrations we have heard in a while, so much we are downloading everything else Joel has recorded!

Cronin is a thousand year old vampire who has been waiting for his fated one, his mate, who shows up in the form of Alec, a NYPD detective that has always attracted the weird. There is other vampires, and a newly born one wanted to take over the world, and happiness of finding each other and the sad thoughts that they might not have forever together.

But, we love this story, so let’s talk about the narration. Joel has this husky quality to his voice that creates each individual voice for the characters. And his accents are out of this world. Reading this book, you feel the sexual tension between Cronin and Alec, but hearing it voices brings the tension, but the sweet heat they are both feeling for finding each other. Joel finds that caring between these two strong men, and their whispered words of love are so endearing. Our favourite scene in when Cronin first takes Alec to the Scottish fields, we could feel he love and tenderness between them.

So much good, but one sad thing, we have to wait for the other 2 installments in the Cronin’s Key series!!! But really, it is a great book, and a fantastic narration, we will patiently wait if the rest are a good as this one.