I purchased both the ebook and audio book. Didn’t read the book, ended up listening to the audio book. Enjoyed the narrator’s reading of the book.
A lot of the time I was feeling sympathy for Jack. He was trying to do right. He was trying to help people and most of the time it ended up biting him in his backside. Enjoyed the Chandler character. Everyone could use a friend/brother like Chandler.
What was refreshingly nice was I don’t remember hearing any swearing in the book. Too many times it seems like authors these days put swearing in the story to an excess. It appears as though the authors are swearing just to swear. Mr. Greyson didn’t do that and because of that I think I’ll look for more books by Mr. Greyson.
In closing I was glad Mr. Greyson did allow Jack & his friends to put those snobs in their place.