I would have given it a 0 if possible. If your an MCP or believe like many that men are the superior breed and are the only ones capable of thinking or acting in an emergency, that they are ‘responsible’ for taking care of the little woman and the kids….well you’ll probably love this guys books! An end of America as we know it. Terrorists attack our electric grid and panic ensues with America doing more harm than the terrorists after the fact.

I prefer to believe that all people regardless of gender have the ability to take care of themselves and each other as a family. That the government really isn’t out to lock us up in camps for our safety….(that was until the election in 2016).
If you haven’t got the point by now, I’ll say it as blunt as I can without being rude! This book sucks! The narrator is monotone, the book about paranoid people getting ready for gloom & doom. Hey I’m all for being prepared and am from a law enforcement background, but haven’t lost faith in humanity yet….let’s hope they’re more decent people in our world & certainly our country than this book delivers!