David Wood teams up with Rick Chesler again. Two of my favorite authors writing short adventure fiction definitely peaks my interest. So much so that as soon as I finished the book I was reading after receiving this book, I just went right into this.

Much similar to Wood & Chesler, Treasure of the Dead brings back Dane and Bones for another adventure. This time they are going out on what they think is a normal treasure hunt. But, can anything ever be normal for Dane and Bones?

I absolutely love these sub-6-hour audiobooks for these stories. I know that some people don’t like spending money on shorter books like this, but I got more enjoyment out of this 5-hour audiobook than I’ve gotten out of 13+ hour ones.

I haven’t read all of Wood’s original (longer) stories or all of the Dane and Bones novellas, but every one of them that I’ve read feels incredibly well researched and thought out. Every time I read it I feel like I have stepped into the shoes of the adventure team that is heading out with Dane & Bones and we are definitely going to have a story to tell once we make it home again.

The narration was done by Jeffrey Kafer who absolutely crushes it like he has for all of the other Wood stories I’ve listened to. If you don’t know Kafer’s name and you’re into audiobooks I’d be shocked.

Overall, Treasure of the Dead was a great story that took a few twists and turns that I didn’t expect. It kept me glued to my seat waiting for the end. And when the end came, I was beginning for more (and I know I’ll get it with another book soon.)

I received this book as a gift, and this has not affected my review in any way.

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