This book read like a novel. Jack Olsen does such an excellent job of researching, interviewing, and recording the events of this time that you feel as if you are reading a story. Sadly, this is true crime and the terrible things detailed in this book did happen.

When Brenda Gere disappears from her home after school one sunny September day, suspicion immediately falls on Michael Green, the hulking ex-Husky football player turned wannabe competition muscle man. Elaine and Joe Gere embark on a crusade to find their daughter that is as frustrating as it is inspiring. Everybody knows the troubled, steroid using Michael Green took Brenda. The fact that the police could not arrest him was exasperating to read about as was the almost unlimited support his abused wife and father in law gave him. His own family and mother in law appear to be the only people who saw him for the monster he is.

This book really chronicles Elaine Gere’s life from birth to after the trial for murder of Michael Kay Green. She is a strong, resilient woman who survived the severe alcoholism of her husband and raised two sons herself after her husband died. She was a remarkable woman able to do anything from raising and slaughtering animals to remodeling homes and seating toilets. She called every week and spoke to the detectives looking for her daughter for 6 long years until she knew what happened. And then Elaine let the lawyers do the work to convict the killer of his crimes. I will never forget what she said to Michael Kay Green at his sentencing.

Jack Olsen says at the beginning of the book that it will change you. It has changed me. I am not one to leave my boys alone in the house but now I don’t know if I ever will. The brazenness of Michael Kay Green is astounding to me. It has made me think twice about leaving windows open, doors unlocked, and answering knocks at any time of the day.

Kevin Pierce narrated this book in his usual excellent style. He read Jack Olsen’s excellent writing of this history in the perfect way and really brought the Gere family’s story to light.

I received this audiobook for free through Audiobook Boom! in exchange for an honest review.