Any additional comments?
I’m not going to lie, while this is an entertaining story, with a solid mystery and likable main character, it’s absolutely Joel Leslie’s narration that made this a winner for me.

I liked the mystery element, there was even a little romance (though it’s not a focus of the story but it’s integrated well), and Jimmy and his family were a delight.

I just simply loved Leslie’s narration.

My only complaint with the story itself is that it tends to be filled with a little too much purple prose at times, but Leslie absolutely makes it work.

So I feel like this is one of those times where the story was absolutely elevated by the narration. Which, for me, just proves that the right voice talent can make or break your audiobook.

Note: I haven’t read the first story, but I had zero issue or problem following along – so no problems handling this as a standalone.

If you’re looking for an entertaining mystery with wonderful narration I’d absolutely steer you towards Crime Wave.