Would you try another book from A.C. Katt and/or Joel Leslie?
I love Joel Leslie narration, which is why I bought this book. However I would skip A.C Katt moving forward
What was most disappointing about A.C. Katt’s story?
The characters were very 2-dimensional. Especially Sean. He was such a non-character. All this stuff happens to him and he’s just swept along with no conflict or development. He just blithely accepts it all and we get no insight into any struggle or issues he may have had. There really wasn’t much “story” beyond poor kid gets swept up by super rich guy, gets everything he ever wanted, and lives happily ever after.
Which character – as performed by Joel Leslie – was your favorite?
Joel is great at giving all the characters distinct voices, which makes following the story a lot easier. Since I didn’t care for the characters, I can’t really pick a favorite.
You didn’t love this book… but did it have any redeeming qualities?
Joel Leslie. He really did his best with what he was given.