This is an excellent series, but a tragic series. That people will descend to the depths detailed in this narrative saddens and angers me. The people who take by force what they do not have justify their actions by internalizing that they perform these acts in an effort to take care of family. They did not save, they did not prepare, and when hard times came they resorted to their base instincts. It goes without saying that the people who prepared and saved were mocked and called names such as preppers, doomsday preppers and survivalists. Unfortunately when desperate times did arrive the “preppers” were expected, no, forced to share what they had by planning ahead with those who had naught. If not agreeable to these “terms” the preppers were killed, their goods taken, or forced to defend themselves and their supplies. “Ashes of the Unspeakable”, an apt title. An excellent series. I hope here is another book in the works.