Would you listen to Hard Edit again? Why?
Yes! Yes Yes! I loved this book so much. It is funny and sexy. Joel Leslie makes this story so enjoyable.
What was one of the most memorable moments of Hard Edit?
Hmm, there are so many it’s hard to pick without a spoiler. So I will say there is a place Larson asks Troy something that is quite a shock because of the timing of the question.I also think the two bonus scenes with Muffy and Thelma’s Poodle were absolutely hilarious.
Which character – as performed by Joel Leslie – was your favorite?
It is a tie between Larson and Troy. I just can’t choose. Ida is lots of fun and adds a touch of comedy to the tension.
Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry?
Yes. I wanted to smack both men when they broke up, and the bonus scenes made me laugh so hard.
Any additional comments?
Hard Edit is the sequel to Black Balled, and you do need to read or listen to that one first as this continues the relationship between Troy and Larson.I highly recommend the audio version as Joel Leslie brings the story to life.Hard Edit picks up with Larson and Troy still in a relationship. Larson has moved to New York but has his own apartment downstairs in the building Troy lives. If you’ve read book one, you can understand why. These two men are not your run of the mill characters. Both men are egotistical, self-centered, opinionated and Larson is highly competitive. When Troy’s book Bridge to Lonely makes best seller fast that raises Larson’s hackles, but when a person from Larson’s past turns out to be Ethan, Troy’s first love, things spin out of control, but not how you think it would. I was pleasantly shocked at the twists. Hard Edit has a lot of sex in it. And I do mean a lot. Normally this is not my thing, and this much sex and as raunchy as some of it is would turn me off and have me speeding past it or even quitting the book. But Joel Leslie’s narration made it so hot that it didn’t bother me at all, plus it is very much in character with Troy and Larson. There are two bonus scenes at the end that are hilarious. One in Muffy the Cat’s POV and the other in Thelma’s Poodles POV. I guarantee that will leave you laughing hysterically.If you are looking for a hot and steamy romance, like unique characters, cats, dogs and rough and tumble man-sex I highly recommend this book ( don’t forget you have to get book one first.)