Well, Dare to Hope is now my favorite book of this series-it edged out Gay for Pay by just a tiny smidgen. When I first found out this was going to be another threesome story, I was a bit on the fence since we already got one in Fame and Fortune. I was worried for nothing…absolutely nothing. Dare to Hope is unique in its own right, and delivers another emotional tale with characters that are impossible to dislike.

I was already a big fan of Gabe from the very first book of the series. He’s one of those characters that you can’t help but fall in love with-he comes across as a person who is easy to talk with, caring and sweet, and someone I could easily become best friends with. My heart had already gone out to him earlier in the series when he first lost his lover, Gio, and I’ve been waiting ever since to hear the rest of Gabe’s story.

We got a small peek at both Tristan and Micah earlier in the series, though both appearances were very brief. Now, we get to learn so much more about these wonderful men…and get to fall for them as well. Micah suffers from severe PTSD from his time in Iraq, and we get a lot of background into what happened and the pain he continues to battle through every day. Even with his devastating experience losing all the other men he served with in addition to losing his leg, he still perseveres and remains strong and determined while also demonstrating his protective nature with Gabe. Tristan does not have the kind of losses that Gabe and Micah do, in fact he comes from a very loving and supportive family—and he demonstrates the same love and support very easily when it comes to both Micah and Gabe.

It is evident early on in the story how all three men care for each other, even if none of them realize how the others feel at first. As things progress, we get to see their relationships with each other individually and as a group develop and evolve-things are not rushed and happen naturally. There are personal issues that must be worked through, and the serious topics of Gabe’s grief over the loss of a loved one, and Micah’s torment over the loss of his leg as well as his PTSD are handled with tact and sensitivity. And the sex scenes will definitely be steaming up your e-reader…you may want to prepare yourself with a bucket of ice and a high-powered fan just in case 😉

I truly enjoyed watching Gabe, Micah and Tristan’s story unfold and couldn’t pull myself away from the pages. Dare to Hope was a 5-star read for me, and I strongly recommend it for M/M romance fans. I would suggest reading (or listening to) the first three books in the series before starting this one-you’ll get a lot of backstory for the All Cocks world as a whole, and it will really enhance your enjoyment of this book if you read those first. Dare to Hope is for those 18+ due to adult language and explicit M/M and M/M/M sexual content. The series takes place in the world of the online gay porn industry, giving a unique perspective within which to tell these stories.

The narration: I’m already a huge fan of Joel Leslie’s work, and here in Dare to Hope he did what he does best-he gave each character a truly individual voice that easily identifies each of them, and gives them their own unique personalities. The voices are consistent throughout the story, and also through the other books in this series that he has narrated-something I really appreciate when listening to multiple books in a series. Joel really brings the emotion to the forefront with all three main characters, and as for the sex scenes…well, let’s just say I’d advise not listening while you’re at work 😉 5 stars for Joel Leslie’s narration!