I don’t find it heroic for the protagonist to be doing the scientist killings, something more likely an Israeli op, and I would hate to think that Delta would stand by as they were killed and the US would swap their last hero who just saved the president to to make an exchange with a terrorist. If the US did that, any for could get whatever they wanted. It would be nice to see Reznick have more support and a team. It seems strange he is always regarded as a rogue wash out after so many deeds. Honoring a Delta exposes them and that’s not a good thing either. I like how it captures the cynicism of government and shows false flags, but it’s a double standard if the hero can kill Iranian scientists while they are signed to the non-profit treaty and everyone just forgets Israel has nukes and is a theocracy way more violent than Iran, a country that has never engaged in a war of aggression since the US has existed. But when Israel is so in control of our country, the tail wagging the dig, this is the perception. You will never read a book that shows Israel in any negative light. Funny, any other country including our own can serve up bad guys, but you will never see antagonist that are either Jewish or Israeli. Think on that as we just love crazy irrational terrorists who just want to blow themselves up. It might make for a simple narrative, but it is 2017.