This is hard to review. On the one hand, as the many, many reviewers before me have stated, this is a powerful book with two very broken MCs and if you enjoyed book one, it’s style and it’s characters are replicated here, so the continuation is nice.

However, the one big difference between one and two is how the “salvation” comes about. Ronan has some pretty serious trust/intimacy issues and it takes him awhile to work them through. While he’s working through them he is a DICK to Seth. It was painful to watch Seth throw himself at Ronan over and over and see Ronan treat him like dirt. It made both men hard to like/respect.

But… with time and patience both men do make significant changes in how the approach/are treated by the other. I had to bite the bullet and keep reading because I was tempted to bail after the initial sex scene between the two – but it does get much better.

The mystery element is there, as is the reveal of our next MC – Hawke, and a re-visit with our triad from book one.

All in all it was a gripping story that kept my interest – while I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as book one – I am really enjoying the continuation of the saga and can’t wait to dive into book 3.

4 of 5 stars


I loved the way Joel interpreted these characters. He’s just so good with the emotion and giving each character a truly unique voice. This absolutely is the best way to enjoy this story and I LOVED his interpretation of Ronan’s voice as well as Hawke’s. Fantastic! Highly Recommended!

5 of 5 stars for the audio

4.5 of 5 stars for the audiobook