Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?
possibly, they would have to be someone who can get past the narration
What was one of the most memorable moments of Some Will Not Sleep?
Pigface Thing is a solid story and the end took me quite by surprise.
How did the narrator detract from the book?
David Stifel seems to be a narrator of choice for Lovecraftian works. He has a particular style and delivery that works for the true dated Lovecraft work. He doesn’t have the ability to do a wide range of accents or genders or ages, and I think he is the absolute wrong choice to voice a primarily British and mid 20s or younger selection of 1st person characters. He tries, and I like his work in other stories, but his accents take away from the stories and are detracting when he attempts them. He just doesn’t fit properly. If you can look (listen?) past them then the stories are really quite varied and well crafted.
Who was the most memorable character of Some Will Not Sleep and why?
Doll Hands is a very interesting character in a very interesting world.
Any additional comments?
This is a very good selection of stories, yet a poor choice in narrator.