hope it gets better I want more vampire young great novels on Audiobook like the shade of a vampire series by Bella Forrest or etc be ause it’s just not here like it shoukd and the narrator’s are either terrible women or women I heard that talk with a mafia Puerto Rican slang that’s horrible or a man tgats sounds like he’s on his death bead like in old draculaura types nothing modern:(!! this unfortunately was not the best by far but it’s better than the test besides the one and only I listed above tgats currently in pause for issuing her titles on audible and it’s frustrating big time especially when I am willing to buy 45 titles from the author on audible only asap as their realesed and she still manages to realse other stupid titles that are boring ir opposites come on so I say please to this author expand on ypur vampire non hunter type titles I hate those I like vampire adventure living in their world /romance and twists with many narrators and professional ones at that it would have ypu getting my money in big big amounts!! So please produce new good amazing stuff look at A shade of a vampire by Bella Forest and go off that a bit and true blood with a romance of twilight 🙂 I guarantee I buy soooo much you couldn’t loose money only adavance and profit . So I beg please more new vampire genere!!!