A book needs to give you catharsis and a sense of completion. The pace is glacial and much more can be done. A finished and well paced and edited manuscript would leave listeners more satisfied and not waiting for a cliffhanger resolution after three books. We end up knowing almost nothing after investing in three books, and will there be nine more just to complete an epic story. The incidents take one battle and stretch it to forever when I think the plot could move further and there could be more development of characters other than showing good officers doing their duty. Look to the Warship series to witness how a trilogy can show more affect and plot, or the Drysine Legacy books. Good writing, but frustrating. You want development, turns, with more frequency. Autgr is good, but I wish he would compress more and present more intrigue and relationships along with constant heroics and turnarounds. My subjective take. But a promising author. You learn more with books like this then with others. I still recommend the books, but hope the author will begin to increase the pace and density of his overall story instead of spending entire books, even two, on one battle, or half a book on a launch sequence. That’s unfair but you get the idea. If he takes this series into a great new area and created an edited omnibus version of these prior books, it will all be fantastic space opera.