Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?
I would recommend this book with a clear disclaimer: Read it only if you enjoy YA novels. If I had known that it was YA from the start I would have skipped it. The writing was good but I prefer more adult dialogue and reactions.
Would you be willing to try another book from D. Gideon? Why or why not?
If these characters turn into full grown ups. Yes.
Any additional comments?
I didn’t understand why the writer decided to leave out the fact that certain characters where African American. It’s clear that in certain situations race plays a huge factor but you don’t learn that key characters are A.A. until well into the book. I was confused by this. Even when you do figure it out, it still is very vague. Also, I’ve never seen such naive preppers like Ripely in my life. She fully understands what’s going on yet has a real problem grasping why she should not just give supplies away. I was super irritated by Mel as well. You’ll figure out why pretty quickly. Like I said if you enjoy YA it’s great but pass if you like adult dialogue and thinking.