Any additional comments?
Very entertaining, engaging and enjoyable. I was really looking forward to this book and it did not disappoint. I really enjoyed it. Not really sure if I would classify it as post-apocalyptic story. It’s more in the realm of civil unrest just bordering on a society changing event. It was refreshing take on events as far as a post-apocalyptic scenario. It was nice change that the story didn’t dive right into a SHTF scenario. Even though it is a “Apocalyptic ” type of story it’s not full of violence and gore. It has some moments of suspense, mystery, drama, romance and death but it’s on the lighter side, not intense constant mayhem.

Great cast of well rounded and likable characters. Rick, Tin and Sarge were all great characters. Opus pretty much stole the show at times. You can’t help but fall in love with Opus he had a personality all his own.

The story itself felt “real” in the sense it’s a scenario that you could really see yourself in if things started to collapse.

Rick sees the way things are going in the world and decides to make preparations/ prepare himself “just in case”. Since he is a writer and likes to be alone at times camping with only his computer these preps fit right in with his life. As he gets farther into his prepping, things start to happen. Even though he has given himself an edge with his preparations there are some things you just never expect to happen. Rick’s location is one of those things that will have an impact on his situation.

This is not the first Boyd Craven book I have listened to and as with the others I was not disappointed. Not sure if this is intended to be a series or a standalone story. If it is going to be a series, I will definitely be continuing with it.

Once again Kevin Pierce does a fantastic job with the narration. Perfect voice for narrating books. His voice just draws you into a story. Clearly spoken with a smooth even pace. Great character voices. He brings the story and characters to life through his narration. One of the most enjoyable narrators to listen to no matter what type of book it is.

I was voluntarily provided this free review copy audiobook by the author, narrator or publisher.