Regardless of the few complaints I have, I’ve listened to plenty of audibooks and I just can’t rate this lower than a 5/5 for either the performance or story. The combination of Jeff and Matt blow other series out of the water!

That said, I feel like there were more issues with this book than previous. Soundbooth Theater has phenomenal deep dive content and the immersive audio is on another level, however in an audio format like this, less can sometimes be better. This is a monster of a book, which means more mistakes making it harder to catch them all(or most).

Samantha quickly became my favorite character besides the famous duo of Carl & Donut and I’m excited to get more of her in the next book.

The DCC is fascinating. Every character is so unique and wild that if you explained one of them to someone that doesn’t have knowledge of DCC they would like at you crazy, but Matt does a phenomenal job giving them their own personality making you like or dislike them even more on a whim.

The pacing is fine for me. Matt has done a great job with the one floor per book, but some details can get really complex. While the extra detail is great, it isn’t always necessary to understand the predicament their in. All of the side stories are well done and Jeff does a great job with these! I did notice that Jeff’s voice for Donut sounds a bit different in this book and also her character seems to have lost some of her maturity at points that I felt like she gained from the previous book. But maybe that’s just me.

Overall I highly recommend this series, but listen in order! I also recommend checking out the immersive audio from Soundbooth Theater. The first episode of DCC was amazing!