The Seabound Chronicles is an excellent post-apocalyptic series that takes place about 17 years after a massive eruption at Yellowstone. Those who managed to survive the eruption and ash fled to the oceans. The last of humanity was surviving at sea, or so they thought. They later learn that there are survivors on land. In book 3 Neil starts gathering names of survivors from each of the land settlements he is able to communicate with. One settlement in particular had a familiar name. Thinking it may be Esther’s sister, they set off to find out. They encounter new dangers as well as some old ones.

Excellent performance by Ray Greenley! He definitely brings life to this awesome series!

If you enjoy post-apocalyptic books,. you will love this series! I would recommend starting with book 1 first.

I am looking forward to the prequel book for this series, Burnt Sea. I have no doubt it will be just as good. We will find out how this all started.