This was such a good book. I was a little unsure at first because the narrator’s voice is a bit ‘little girl-ish’ but it really ended up working great. I totally loved the story also and I wish I had read this book even earlier. I love the name, the book/audible cover. It all works so well together! Snack was Mini’s (both nick names) one and only from first meeting, but things just never worked out for them to be together when they finally tried a couple of times throughout the years. Then years later, after tragedy strikes, they come back together and what a whirlwind that was. This story goes back and forth between the past and present to explain the entire story, from the time they first met at 6 yrs old until the present. What I loved about this also was that Mini wasn’t a girly girl, she had a sailor’s mouth. So you have a narrator that sounds so sweet and cute and Mini was dirtier than a lot of alpha men. Snack was an alpha man, but could cry and show his feelings as well. I love that in a man, when they can express their feelings. I just loved this story and will definitely have to find some more books by Emme Burton to read.

*Was provided a copy for review.