Any additional comments?
An entertaining and enjoyable addition to the Star Crusader World.

While I have really enjoyed several other books in the Star Crusader world and this story was entertaining it just didn’t hold my attention as much as the two previous books I have listened too. Not sure why. Each new book is like coming back to visit old friends and as usual there is never a dull moment. This book was full of non-stop action. There was one space battle/firefight after another. Something is always happening. Even though there is no rest when your in the middle of an intergalactic war, I would have enjoyed a little more interaction between the characters outside of the constant battles.

It’s hard to remember that Nate and his friends are basically teenagers. Nate has just turned 18.

Nate, his friends,the crew and the rest of the Alliance are going to have to pull off a Hail Mary pass to get through their latest fight with the Star Empire alive. Several well known characters from the Star Crusader Universe join Nate and his friends in this battle.

Once again Andrew B. Wehrlen does a great job with the narration. He is the voice of the series. Nice voice that is easy to listen to for long periods of time. Clearly spoken with a smooth even pace. Really good character voices. Each character has a distinct voice. He brings the story to life through his narration. As always, very enjoyable.

I was voluntarily provided this free review copy audiobook by the author, narrator or publisher.