I just finished listening to the Audible version of The Games of Supervillainy and C.T. Phipps delivers again. There’s so much going on and the story takes place over such a wide variety of environments that it keeps you entertained throughout. From the moon, to Falconcrest City, to Death’s lair, and back, you will not be disappointed.

Merciless and Cloak’s relationship seems to be getting better, or at least not outright contemptuous, and I’m extremely interested to see where the Mandi/Amanda storyline takes us in book 3 as well as Diabloman, what’s his deal? he seems much too powerful to be a henchman, maybe he’s just biding his time… I do kinda want Cindy to bite it. I envision her like Margo Robbie’s rendition of Harley Quinn, which is great in small amounts, but annoying with too much screen time. Oh, and Adonis too. Merciless doesn’t have a problem killing, so maybe I can use up my one fan request!

This is the third book I’ve read or listened to by Mr. Phipps. His knowledge of the occult and Lovecraftian lore is unparalleled and continues to develop in subtle ways throughout the Supervillainy Saga. Can’t wait to get the next one…although, that cyberpunk book, Agent G, that he wrote seems right up my alley. Choices, choices.