Would you try another book from Bobby Akart and/or Kevin Pierce?
I would listen to another book by this author, but I wasn’t particularly impressed with this one. The writing is incredibly detailed at some points, sometimes way too much detail, but the ultimate fault in this book is that the disaster around which the book is based takes too long to arrive.
What do you think your next listen will be?
I’ll move onto other author for now.
Which scene was your favorite?
I really enjoyed the opening scenes of the book, when the author and reader do an engaging job of describing the risk of solar activity to Earth and threats to the satellite system around the planet. I felt like that would lead into a really interesting disaster story, but it never really came.
Was 36 Hours worth the listening time?
Not really. After investing a few hours in the book it simply became a Costco trip with the characters. I felt the characters didn’t react appropriately to the story. They were completely unconcerned about any such disaster in the opening scenes, but in just a few short hours become preppers who are convinced the government is against them and that the world is about to end, even without much evidence. They then spend the last part of the story going from store to store buying stuff, which the author describes in excruciating detail. At one point, the author even describes the technical characteristics of the credit card machine at one of the stores. That was ridiculous.
Any additional comments?
Kevin Pearce did a great job as narrator, and the author has a good style and ability. Ultimately, the story didn’t advance, the characters weren’t realistic, and the author got so mired in unnecessary details he lost me. I was disappointed.