What made the experience of listening to His Omega the most enjoyable?
Joel Leslie’s narration, he did a great job of making sure each character had their own voice. Not just that, there were many cultures with varying accents involved in the storyline (French, British, Russian, Irish) and he nailed each and every one.
What was the most interesting aspect of this story? The least interesting?
The various aspects and characteristics of Sean as the Omega and Alpha Mate of the pack was different enough from most shifter stories to intrigue me.

I cannot keep count of how many times Armand called Sean ‘baby’ – it was distracting and almost nails on a chalk board frustrating because the one hundred fifty something year old Alpha couldn’t string two sentences together without using the term.

What does Joel Leslie bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you just read the book?
He thoroughly conveys every accent flawlessly, which only adds to the depth of the story.
Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you?
The conversations with Sean, Armand and their wolf cub adopted daughter.
Any additional comments?
Story: 2.5 stars
Performance: 5 stars
Overall: 3.75 stars

I was drawn into this story from the start and while it was mostly Leslie’s narration that kept me hinged to the book, there were some good aspects to the actual story itself as well. The world of this particular Shifter community and the way things were described that was just different enough to keep me intrigued. The hierarchy and the way things were set up, dealt with and the way everything played out spoke of the Author’s skills to build this world and create the characters.

The breakdowns for me were that a Centuries old Alpha wolf only seemed to know ONE term of endearment, baby. Sean’s complete change of heart literally from one minute to the next. The use of the term “bitch” when referring to damn near every female wolf. And the anit-climatic ending. I wanted a bit more of an explosion and, I actually liked what took place with Sean at the end and would have loved that to be explored a bit more.

Leslie’s narration as always was spot on. He nailed every accent, tone and inflection with precision and truly brought the characters to life for me. While I’m unsure if I would read or recommend the written story, I highly recommend the audiobook because it is such a treat, even with the aspects of the story that I didn’t care for.