Any additional comments?
I really liked this audio when I think ahead to the future I can see this being it. The story goes into the aliens and the issues they had and have with them. When I think about the time they come to earth I really hope I am not here to see it. I do not see any good coming out of it. The author goes into issues that could be touchy from the dead to being a live, the world is not as we know it today. States may or may not be there. The things they do with items we hold precious will blow your mind. Really the whole story is wonderful planned down to the last detail the whole book is mind blowing. I have no trouble picturing this as our future.

Mr. Kafer does a great job in his narration he has an agent voice that really pulls you in as he becomes part of his characters. His voice at first I didn’t care for because it sounded so agent like but I came to understand that is how it needed to be and grew to love it. It is a very strong voice that pulls you in making you forget you are listening as it becomes more of a movie. There are no background noise, no volume changes, and no repeats of working. His character voices are wonderful from his males to his females. His computer voice is so real just like you would picture it. He really brings the danger alive, as well as the excitement from each new obstacle that is overcome. Mr. Kafer puts a lot of emotion into his audio’s giving the reader a wonderful listen. His voice and tones never leaving you guessing you know just what each character is feeling from their excitement to their anger. His performance is outstanding giving you a clear, clean crisp audio you get lost in.

My heart went out to Agent G what it must feel like not to know who you are. Having to overcome so much and learn everything all over again. Than as he felt he was part of the military at one time I really felt for him and what he had become. There is a love interest as well as confusion on his part and on the computer chip in his mind. The world this author built seemed so real as well as the characters. This was an audio I couldn’t put down from the many different things the future holds and the new things it brings as well as the danger, excitement of all the twist and turns that are just so thrilling and at times chilling. You will never see California or Tennessee along with a few other states the same again. As I listened to this it remind me of the movie V where the aliens wanted and took what they wanted. This is how I see the future if they ever make it here.

I was a little confused at first of what a walk about was but it wasn’t long before the author brought to life just what it entitled and the danger it brings. This is a story of starting over, meeting your past and future head on, reality as well as the danger it brings. It is a story of hope and death, making a difference and just what the military means. What if there was no military who would save us? People become to set in their ways over looking issues but one man sees the future and knows the day will come when we must fight with all we have to keep everyone alive. There are those that feel this fight will never come as they wear their rose color glasses they are in for a rude awaking.

I was drawn from the first page as G is born, how he felt, his confusion and his fight to stay alive and bring justice to a world he doesn’t know. There are things one should never forget, one is how to fight keeping your love ones safe. One man gives his all and may die to save us all. It is setup for the next book in the series at least I hope there is another one. It really hit home for me how easy one gets use to the life we live and forget what we need to remember. I totally was invested and loved this plot, the characters that seem so real. I can hardly wait for the next book I wonder who it will be. There are others on the walk about will they be as interesting as G? I can’t wait to find out what this author has in store for us.