Any additional comments?
3.5 stars

Good start to a series. Overall an entertaining, enjoyable, quick and interesting story.

What happens when life is discovered on a planet that you thought was devoid of life. When a primitive culture meets the far more advanced space explorers no one could have foreseen what would happen next.

Since this is the first book in the series there was a lot to cover to set up this story as well as future installments. It’s pretty fast paced. Even though it kept my attention and was entertaining, I just I felt like something was missing from the overall story. The characters were just there, except for Tev. If it had been a bit longer there would have been more time to develop the characters. Some things were just too easy and convenient but that is the way with shorter books. There just isn’t the time to tell a more detailed and complex story.

Great cover, it immediately grabs your attention.

Curious as to where the series will go from here. Who is really the “Alien”? The book blurb hints at a much broader story involving the same two differing sides of the human race in future installments. Sounds as though not all of them will be getting along.

Andrew Tell did a great job with the narration once again. Nice voice, easy on the ears. He has one of those voices that just pulls you into the story. Clearly spoken with a smooth even pace. Really good character voices. He makes the story come alive through his narration. Always enjoyable to listen to his narration.

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