Any additional comments?
Good start to a series. The story pulled me in immediately and kept my attention until the end. It’s a well written really good story that flows smoothly and is very entertaining, engaging and enjoyable.

While it is similar to many post apocalyptic stories out there, it has it’s own unique little differences. I enjoyed that even though the characters have some knowledge and a few preps in case of an emergency, they were not fully prepared prepper’s ready for any emergency. They were caught off guard and had to figure things out as they went along just as anyone would have to. The situations the characters found themselves in, and the things that were happening in each story line were believable and realistic. While there are things that happen throughout the story, it isn’t full of constant violence and gore which was a nice change. Society doesn’t deteriorate all at once. The changes are gradual.

The story unfolds through two separate but interconnected story lines. Showing what each side of a family is going through and dealing with when the world changes in an instant. Ripley and her friends trying to leave collage and make their way home and the family they are trying to get home to.

Great cast of interesting characters. Especially Dottie. The characters grow on you throughout the story but Dottie is immediately likable. The story does end in a cliffhanger. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

Really enjoyed the dual narration. This is not the first time I have listened to a book narrated by Kevin Pierce and Becket Royce. Both did a great job with the narration. Nice voices easy to listen to for long periods of time. Clearly spoken with a nice even pace. Good character voices. Having the each side of the story narrated by different narrators really brought the characters and story to life. Very enjoyable.

I was voluntarily provided this free review copy audiobook by the author, narrator or publisher.