Landon Carmichael, respected movie star and billionaire, has women problems. They’re throwing themselves at him in droves, even breaking into his home to meet him. He and his agent Nigel hatch the perfect plan to fake a marriage that will deter the most eager of the fan girls. Landon’s only condition is that his future bride must not have heard of him before, even if it means searching outside the country to find her.

Nigel visits city after city in Europe, finally resorting to Canada and the US to find a young woman that doesn’t recognize Landon. Nigel meets history major Sasha Evers in a cafe in Boston. Sasha has immersed herself in her studies for years and isn’t interested in things like movies or actors. He offers her the deal of a lifetime, take an “acting gig” in London, and he will pay for her schooling. Faced with crippling debt when she graduates, Sasha finally agrees. She’s flown to meet Landon in London, and a new dream life begins for her.

I liked Sasha, she was lovable and you can see she has a magnetism to her. She was a bit naive though, it’s odd that an educated girl today would fly to another country with an old man she met two days before in a cafe without even a cursory internet search. That’s how girls end up as sex slaves! Landon and his background was more of a mystery, but his deep friendship with the older agent was really endearing.

This book was wish fulfillment at its finest, it was a charming mashup of The Prince and I and The Arrangement sprinkled with a bit of Pretty Woman. I liked that Landon and Sasha spent more time together talking and becoming friends than in bed, it made their romance more real. While this book is described as sexy, the sex scenes are not explicit and they don’t dominate the story.

I listen to my audiobooks over a set of speakers, and Connor Brown narrated this book with an incredible deep timbre to his voice that set my whole room buzzing. His character’s speaking voices were good, and his female voices were light and pleasant. It was a really good performance overall.

I received a copy of the audiobook in exchange for an honest review.