Any additional comments?
I’ve had Rise of the Six on my kindle forever, but had never gotten around to it. Then I noticed that Jeff Hays was the narrator for the audio version and decided that was a good a way to make sure I got around to it. My problem with Rise isn’t Jeff’s narrations. Once again he does an excellent job bringing an varied cast to life. My problem was with the story itself. Was it bad? No, not at all. My problem is that it didn’t seem as if it knew what kind of book it wanted to be. I’m not adverse to authors mashing several genres together, in fact I often like it, but this one just seems to be trying too hard and in the end I got the sense that the book was having an identity crisis. Is it a sci-fi book, a fantasy, a superhero book, a YA romance (kind of odd are plenty of elements of a love triangle without all the characters in the love triangle actually being present for the majority of the book), a horror (zombies)? So many of the parts of the books made me think of different books/movies I’ve seen over the years, everything from Wizard of Oz to The Matrix. (of course I’m sure some people who’ve read it will totally disagree and wonder how I could think such things, but hey it’s my review/my opinion.) IN the end I just couldn’t get a good feel for what Matt Ryan was aiming for. It’s interesting, and I’ll admit a part of me would like to know what happens next, not enough that I’ll be jumping into book 2 right away, but perhaps someday.