This new take on an old fairytale was a breath of fresh air. While we all know the story, you can’t help but keep listening to find out what is going to happen. Cindee is pretty much a tomboy, enjoying her work as a mechanic. Henry, her lifelong secret passion and our prince charming to our surprise enjoys baking. A little twist in the prince charming family gives this old fairy tale some new life. I really enjoyed the budding relationship between the two and how they finally got together. The conceptions of different people always is interesting too, bringing in Gottfried as the best friend and how he had no friends but for Cindee and Henry. He is so lovable, you can help but love his character(hoping he is not forgotten and we get a continuation of this group) and of course we hate the evil “stepsister” of Priscilla and how horrible of a person she is. Jamie Brook Thompson created a cast of characters you can’t help be love.

Angie Hickman was amazing as the narrator of this book. This is my first audio by her and she nails each character with the emotion and tact necessary to keep my interest. She also is able to differentiate the characters well and perform with all the feels! Loved it!

–I was given a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review