Any additional comments?
Hell’s Rejects is the first volume in a new series by the prolific M.R. Forbes. This is a fast paced space adventure, with a ragtag group brought together to help save the galaxy. While many of the characters might feel a bit formulaic, I like them and the how they play off of each other. There is a ton going on, plenty of secrets and Forbes knows just how to dole out enough info to keep you guessing. Definitely a series I will continue.

This is the second book narrated by Jeff Hays and he delivers another excellent performance. Like the last book I listened to that was narrated by Jeff, this book has a large cast and Jeff is able to bring all of them to life, each with their own unique voice. It really is amazing, even if there were dialogue tags you’d be able to identify which characters are talking. No clue how he keeps all the voices straight in his head, but it is truly impressive. Definitely one of the top narrators out there.