The story continued in a fast-paced manner jumping from new revelations to near-death situations as it unfolded. For now, it appears that the love triangle situation seems to have been decided but left unclear as to if it is truly settled.

I found the whole torture sequences a bit outlandish in that after only a few tries, the Xiiginn get angry and give up. Then, based on such few attempts, decide that humans can resist their attempts to get information from them. Either their prior species were weak-willed or they are too temperamental themselves to fully test the extremes of torture.

Then there was the incident where Boxen officer shoots his commanding Admiral officer to prevent him from staying and defending their asteroid station so as to save him and the rest of the admirals soldiers, while shocked, allowed to occur without arresting the lower ranked officer. If this is the way they run their military, is it any wonder the Boxen are losing their battles?

Then there’s a hint that Kaylan’s ability to perform remote viewing may also give her precognition capabilities. This is where the SciFi aspects of the story veer ever-so-close to the fantasy realm.

With all that said, I still found the story quite entertaining and enthusiastically recommend to anyone who are interested in an exciting series.

Note: Each book is still too short.