Sheri Cobb South truly has a good imagination, and the skill to bring her imagination to life in a very real way. I actually read the 2nd book (in paperback) “In Milady’s Chamber” first, and then found out that this novella is the prequel, so I’ve just listened to it on Audible. What a great story, and great character development. I am very impressed with the books of Ms. South that I’ve read so far (4 of them) because her characters are so interesting. She infuses the various situations that her characters are involved in with insight and very funny wit and humor. I find myself laughing out loud often while reading her books. Joel Froomkin is a wonderful narrator, and I wish he would narrate all of her books. Besides reading the first two books in the John Pickett series, I’ve also read the first two books in the Ethan Brundy series. There are only 3 books in that series – so far – and I very much hope that Ms. South will write more! But Joel Froomkin should be her narrator of choice as he is so very good! It might get him away from those awful vampire books he’s been narrating so far….
Sheri Cobb South makes the reader fall in love with her characters, even if they start out as criminals or bumpkins or snobs. I hope that Ms. South will have a long and prolific career in writing. Her books are well worth the read – or listen!