“This book was given to me for free at my request, and I provided this voluntary review.”

Overall I was very satisfied after listening to “Clan”, “Clan” had an interesting story and excellent performance. This book embodies the best in Science Fiction an idea explored with an interesting plot with great characters. I recommend this book to mature YA readers or adult readers, the book explores dark themes. (4.5/5)

The fantastic narration was performed by Jeff Hays. Each character had a differentiated voice, and I could instantly tell when one of the characters was speaking. This audiobook includes sound effects which were expertly interwoven into the story, much better than Delvers LLC (same narrator) where I found them to be inconsistent. I would be remiss if I did not mention that near the beginning of the narration there was an inconsistent echo, other than that I did not notice any audio anomalies. The narration was top notch, and I think the story benefited from it. (4.9/5) [Listening Speed 1.7x]

The author weaves a world which people strive to be the same “unified” but even then differences appear, the story in a sense is a celebration of the smallest differences. The story follows Clan 1672 who strives to be the same as the rest of the Clan, but the large differences make that difficult, those difficulties form the basis of the story. The story goes to some dark places on exploring what people do with outcasts from a group, and how small differences can cause large divides when everyone else is identical. In the end, this story is driven by an idea, but what makes it great is exploring that idea with a cast of great characters. (4.5/5)