I went back and looked at this book again just to see if I can find anything of Merit about it. obviously the female author needs to spend more time with men because the male voice in this story sounded like a girl. he whined through this whole book in the only time he seemed to have a relevant thought was when he was thinking about one of the four or five girls that he was thinking about. Does the author think that males really think this way ? and that there’s nothing else in a story line but his angst over females. there wasn’t enough action hell the whole thing was humorless and it was just drudgery to get through it. If the author really wants to write Dime store love stories and she should stick to that and stay away from SyFy. because she failed terribly.
I hate this book so much I wish I could eliminated from my library. or get my money back I will not be buying any other books in the series period God this book makes me want to claw my ears out and and hope that I never hear another sound like it.