Any additional comments?
I feel badly now for every time I complained about Smith doing time jumps that skipped relationship development.

While I definitely enjoyed Joel Leslie’s narration (frankly, he was the only reason I kept going), with his terrific character voices, great timing and pacing, overall I did not enjoy the story.

I felt like Dare to Hope was bogged down with too many DETAILS, many of which could (and should) have been left out, and I was frustrated by the unnecessary angst and non-communication.

I also had a hard time with Tristan being an active therapist for both Gabe and Micah even after they kissed and began having feelings for one another. I’m sure many won’t find this an issue, because Tristan does assign over care once they all become lovers, but it was a niggling point for me.

That it took well past 70% for them to figure out they could be together as a ménage was also highly frustrating. These guys have several friends in throupledome…they had role models! Why was there no lightbulb moment sooner?

IMO, this could have easily been cut at least 50% and still have been a kick a** story.

Obviously, your mileage may vary.