Rick is a isolated loner by choice, happiest when he’s camping alone with his laptop for company. He’s a paranormal romance writer who recently became successful. When the riots break out after the death of Freddie Gray, Rick stumbles on a prepper site and his interest is piqued. He lucks into an RV, a prime spot to park it, and with his new income starts to stock up on supplies. His new lady friend Tina and her “fuzzy buddy” German Shepherd Opus tag along, and when a police ambush causes riots and fires across the state, Rick is ready.

Even with no large apocalyptic event causing the world to go to hell, this one still kept my interest. This book is all about the little day to day details, and I think a newbie prepper could learn a lot from it. If you read to escape politics or current events, this book is loosely based on the riots and run up to the presidential election, and doesn’t treat liberals kindly.

A lot of book lovers will relate to Rick and his social awkwardness, and wish they had an awesome woman like Tina by their side. As likable as Rick and Tina are, the real star of the book is Opus. Boyd Craven is obviously a dog lover and his descriptions of Opus bring the book to life. There’s also Sarge and Annette, a hilarious older couple who bring some comic relief.

The narrator’s pace and tone were perfect. He does sound quite a bit older than Rick’s 26 years, but it didn’t detract from the performance at all. I was given a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.