What did you love best about Nightblade?
I was entranced by the level of detail and involved with the story and am excited for the next installment. Ryan K. Has a brilliant mind and fascinating story to enjoy. I look forward to enjoying more of his works. This unabridged copy was not like most so caught up in too much detail they drone on. This is enjoyable throughout and easy to listen to.


What was one of the most memorable moments of Nightblade?
Riou and his life with his master-Father, The sense and the ability to know and understand all life around you. The ability to see how precious life is but still knowing when it has to be taken for the best of all not just the one.
Which scene was your favorite?
Then end of the book where he finally meets his Master’s killer and his loves tortured soul leaves her to venture in the great cycle. The further mission Riou has to seek out new training and continue the quest his path involves.
If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be?
Night Blade a journey into our honored past.
Any additional comments?
Great story thanks for not making the detail boredom like so many others tend to bury their stories in. Also wonderfully narrated by a skilled person able to change voices well enough to not have to say he said she said after every other word. That may be the greatest killer of any good story is listening to he said she said 1001 times.