Would you listen to Viking Warrior again? Why?
I will for sure if IF it is ever re-cast with a more authentic and better-researched narrator!
What other book might you compare Viking Warrior to and why?
The obvious comparison is Cornwell’s Saxon Tales and it is not a bad one. Cornwell is more polished and mature, but I enjoyed this story very much.

Author did an excellent job dropping our fictitious protagonist into the historical events of the time, though I am going to have to recheck my history. Roberts arranged Ragnar’s sons in a different order (chronologically) than I understood. But he is probably a better authority than I am.

Which character – as performed by Jeff Hays – was your favorite?
Probably Halfdan. His voice is best suited for the young warrior. I have to admit though, I don’t think Hays was the right choice for this for a few reasons.

1) He constantly mispronounced the names of well-know Vikings from History; Ubbe was “Ubbie”. Lodbrok was “Lod- Brok”. Halfdan was “Half-Dan”.

2) Some voices simply did not align with my expectations. It’s a personal preference thing, but it drove me to distraction..

3) I have a preference for British narrators in High Fantasy. I guess they just feel more authentic to me. I would LOVE to hear this recast with a Scandinavian accent.

Any additional comments?
I recommend this series highly!