I thought this book was great. It is so much more than a wham bam thank you alien man novel. There is drama, action, romance; honestly a really good listen. I had a few minor problems with the story which kept it from five stars. Specifically, and admittedly this is a pet peeve of mine, I found that Gracie was willing to jump into bed just a little too fast for someone who is grieving. I just find it hard to believe that you can switch emotions so easily. I also struggle when writers write sex scenes where someone is talking dirty and says something like…you’re going to be so sexy once you’re pregnant with my baby. Pregnancy is a lot of things: magical, incredible, awe-inspiring…but sexy??? And this scene, in particular, just really harped on it. I like the “I want you to have my baby” talk better during sweet times, not sexy times. These were really small things, though. Otherwise, this book was so much fun to listen to.

In regards to narration, I cannot say enough good about David Brenin. I’ve listened to several books he has narrated and he is always amazing. You will truly immerse yourself in the story forgetting someone is reading it to you. He absolutely earns his 5 stars.