I love this very different 6 novel suspense mystery series. The Kindle versions are free to borrow with my Kindle Unlimited account. I read the first 5 novels in 2015 well before audio versions were available and then had to wait one year to read the 6th (And Then She Was Gone). Books 4 and 5 are not yet available in audio. Each book is stand alone.

The Detective Jack Stratton mystery series books are unusual and unorthodox. I like them so much that I want all of them in my Audible library. Jack Stratton was raised in the whorehouse where his mother worked. Now in his mid-20’s he is a hero police detective with a heart of gold and very strict moral code to which he holds himself. In this novel he is searching for the father he never met and for his mother’s history.

There is so much to like about the Jack Stratton series. The character development with the vivid characters is outstanding. Alice, who is called Replacement, is a wonderful young lady who has lived in poverty her entire life and who plays a key role in Jack Knifed. The novels are fast paced and they are fun. Of course, there are also twists and turns. As much as I enjoyed the Kindle version, the Audible version is even better thanks to the narration of Andrew Tell. I VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ENTIRE SERIES!!