Any additional comments?
While each book in the series can be listened to as a standalone, each book is worth your time and credit.

Another great addition to the series. Very entertaining, engaging and enjoyable. Every single installment in the series is a great listen and this latest book keeps the tradition going strong. Each book is fast paced, well written and full of humor with plenty of mystery and intrigue. As usual you never know quite what to expect or what twists the plot will take.

When is Chase going to learn. His entanglements with woman always get him into some kind of trouble.

Where did Da Vinci get some of his ideas for his inventions. Was it all his own brilliant imagination or did he have help from an other worldly source. Da Vinci is said to have discovered this cave as a young man. Once he emerged from the cave he was never the same. What are the secrets he was exposed to during his time in the cave. Others have learned of the cave’s existence and are searching for it’s location. Chase is pulled into a race against the clock in the search for this cave and the secrets it holds. With a little divine intervention he just might be able to find it before they do.

Andrew B. Wehrlen makes these stories come alive through his narration. Nice voice. Easy to listen to for long periods of time. Clearly spoken with a nice even pace. Great character voices. Perfect tone & delivery of the sarcasm and humor. He is the perfect narrator for the series. Always a fantastic listen.

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