I was given a copy of this book by Jeff Hays, who performed the narration for this edition, in exchange for a review.

I had heard of neither Jake Bible, the author, nor Jeff Hays before this. I did have prior knowledge, however, of a 1990s TV show ‘Gargoyles’ and this is the connection I made when I first checked out the blurb.

Jake Bible shows very quickly that he can make a variety of characters and situations approachable for the reader. Here’s where Stone Cold Bastards has already won far and away in comparison with said TV show. And they’re called grotesques, not gargoyles! Pretty fun premise and a stack of great ideas making for a great story. One of the highlights was the inclusion of character Todd and his intel role. What a lot in life!

Jeff Hays’ performance was the standout element for me. I look back and realise that I forgot that one man gave voice to the large cast of human and non-human characters. I totally suspended disbelief. I was really impressed with the way he conveyed the uncertainty of teenager Kimmie, the awkwardness of autistic surgeon Highlander and how he switched accents and registers for the range of Gs (especially Nissa and Tessa). The ‘bad’ characters were brought most detestably to life too.

Thanks Jeff. I’ll be keen to follow your other work.