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Literary speculative fiction

Review from The Ministry for the Future →

Robinson skillfully blends science, philosophy, aesthetics, economics, and politics to imagine one outcome for the imminent catastrophe of global warming. Rather than dystopia, Robinson realistically considers the varieties of actions that must be considered to move toward sustainability, strongly critiquing capitalism as part and parcel of this imagining but without a revolutionary idealism. Banks play..

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Touching and honest

Review from The Last Birthday Party →

I Loved the wit, humor and honesty. The self discovery weaved into the story was confronting at times, and delightful to feel. as well as heartwarming. I loved this book on so many levels. It was also beautifully narrated. Thank you!

Not enough world building.

Review from To Be Claimed →

If you’re ready/listening for the spicy content – okayish. Could have been way better. But seriously this isn’t even a complete book. I was expecting more world building around the werewolves and vampires. Diving quite quick to spicy scenes doesn’t make any sense. Also voice actors are terrible. Gosh. Didn’t bother to even finish this..

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not enough story progression

Review from To Be Claimed →

The story lacked because there was so much sex. The story itself has a lot of potential, but if the author had cut out even half the sex in favor of character development and story arc… it would be better. The ending felt rushed, it felt like the end of one of the books in..

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the lack of character development

Review from Special Access →

The book felt like it had ADD the way it jumped around in time. I think the author was attempting to use this as charachter development, but it just came off as very loosely connected vignettes. The author doesn’t know the most basic information about flying. A cyclic is used in rotary-wing aircraft, not in..

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