There are currently ten books in the Chase Baker series. Book 9 is my first Chase Baker novel as well as my first novel by author, Vincent Zandri. I’m glad I came across this author because now I intend to read/listen to all of the other Chase Baker novels. Chase Baker is an Indiana Jones type of character that gets into Dan Brown, Da Vinci Code kinds of adventures. In book 9, Chase Baker is hired by a rich, rare book collector to find and retrieve seven sealed, metal bible codices. These codices turn out to be the same actual sealed codices referred to in the book of revelations from the bible. Add in giant spiders, the Israeli army, evil Nazi zombies, a sexy biblical history scholar and a radical fringe group hell bent on breaking open the seals to destroy the world and you’ve got the ingredients for a highly entertaining, fast-paced, page turner that is definitely worth your time.

People who are scholars or just something of a bible expert may find holes in the basic premise of the bad guy’s plan for opening the seventh seal. Even if you are one of those people, I think you will still be able to enjoy this book as a good story well told. Also, the narrator, Andrew B. Wehrlen adds to the overall experience by doing a wonderful job bringing the author’s words to life.

Finally, this audio book was provided by the narrator in exchange for an honest review courtesy of Audio Book Boom.