This was a fairly interesting book, but I don’t really like books that have flashbacks in them, especially when they seem contrived.

It is a story of a family’s survival after “the collapse”, which appears to be an EMP (but we never really find out). If you are bothered by talk of guns & ammo, you will not enjoy this book. The author seems obsessed with describing each & every gun that the characters have, usually in long detail. Also, there is a lot of profanity, which doesn’t really add to the story at all.

The last chapter before the Epilogue is actually the best one. Very action packed & emotional…..Lauren finally seems to be a real person in this chapter.

The premise is a good one, but I have read other EMP survival books that are much better. Also, the Epilogue isn’t really an epilogue at all….it’s actually a prologue since it is describing what happened before the rest of the book.

I was given an Audible version of this book by the narrator & chose to review it.