Another great installment in the Skylar Foxe series. In this installment Skylar gets a taste of his own medicine when an ex from Keith’s past shows up and the green eyed monster makes an appearance. In addition, once again Skylar is involved in a murder, but this time it is someone he really cares about. Of course he is not going to let that pass him by, even though he sort of tries. The Scooby Gang tries to help, but ultimately Skylar figures it out. If you are a fan of the series, you’ll just continue to smile and shake your head at Skylar’s TSTL moments. But this is a series you have to read in order IMHO. That way you get to fall in love with Skylar and Keith and appreciate how far they have come in their relationship. Joel Leslie does his regular magnificent job with all the voices. He really brings this story to life.