All I can say about this book is it made no sense to me from beginning to the middle where I stopped listening to it. Apparently it is supposed to be a murder mystery but the main characters could not have been more drab, bland, less interesting or understandable than a cold bowl of oatmeal. More was written about the police, FBI, turf wars & even the life stories of a number of these lawmen as they crawled up the ladder of success –(who cares?). The dialogue sounded like someone reading a very very long & dull newspaper account that had no luster or emotion or plot. The story line was so repetitious there came a point it began to upset my stomach. At one point I actually argued with myself that this story could be so uninteresting & dull. I lost the argument. I have no idea who murdered the victims & I really do not care anymore. Now if I could get ALL the policemen’s, lawyer’s, judge’s, names out of my head that were in this book I may be able to get a decent nights sleep.