I tried so so hard to finish this. I usually like SE Smith, but Riley was such an air headed, contrary little twit I couldn’t do it. I stopped with three hours left. Everything was an argument with her. She did crap just to be a pain, and it wasn’t sassy, it was bratty. She was a violent idiot over and over again, and pretty much just seemed to have boobs and an ass going for her.

That aside, I had so many questions and frowns. Why a woman from Colorado had a southern accent for one. Why Fred and Bob didn’t get to use their own names, since there wasn’t a language barrier. Why she always called her sister her “sainted sister” (every freakin time). Why being heavy makes her “maturely shaped” (she’s 24!)? I couldn’t figure out if she was big and proud or not, since whenever vox mentioned her big ass she flew off the handle (even when he said it was a compliment she freakin shot him?!). And then the men fantasizing about drinking milk from a lactating woman was just… icky. Cats or not, sexualizing something made for infants left me feeling skeeved (at least three times mentioned).